Beach volleyball | A historic beach volleyball tournament win for Finland

Jyrki Nurminen and Santeri Siren were the best in the Budapest tournament.

Finnish duo Jyrki Nurminen and Santeri Siren on Sunday grabbed Finland’s first race victory on the beach volleyball world tour. Nurminen and Siren beat Italian duo in the final of a so-called 1-star tournament in Budapest, Hungary Tobia Marchetto/ Gianluca Dal Corso erin 21–19, 21–17.

The Finnish couple advanced to the tournament after winning their last five struggles after their opening loss. The final place was secured on Sunday in the semifinals where the Israeli couple crashed Eylon Elazar/ Netanel Ohana readings 22–20, 19–21, 15–13.

The representative of Cyprus, who now plays in the tournament, also played in the Budapest tournament Erika Nyström, who achieved medal status on the first world tour of his career after finishing with his partner Daria Gusarovan with second.



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