Basketball The support of a Congress-oriented politician for Kyrie Irving’s anti-vaccine went badly wrong

Irving has refused coronation vaccination and is therefore not allowed to play in the NBA.

The United States from the Florida election as a congressman Lavern Spicer first defended the Brooklyn Nets basketball star in a peculiar way Kyrie Irvingin vaccine resistance. A little later, Spicer showed that sarcasm is not his species, he says The Huffington Post.

Irving has been shelved for Brooklyn Nets action because he couldn’t play home games unvaccinated at all. Corona restrictions are not as strict in all states, so he would be able to play in several away games.

Republican Spicer first compared in his tweet Irving “Magic” Johnson HIV infection and Irving’s refusal to receive coronary vaccination: “Magic Johnson was allowed to play basketball in a fully developed HIV infection, but Kyrie Irving is not allowed to play because she does not take coronary vaccination.”

Spicerin Tweet was followed by a thread. One tweeter replied sarcastically, “I didn’t even know HIV could spread through the air.”

For Spicer, sarcasm did not sink. He replied, “It can’t. You have to go back to school. ”

Spicer’s response received a great deal of attention and also ridicule, as in practice Spicer both did not understand the defendant’s tweet as sarcasm and at the same time overturned his own original tweet.


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