Basketball | The Chicago Bulls cut the winning streak for the Boston Celtics, Lauri Markkanen scored nine points

Bulls’ Nikola Vucevic scored the most points in the match.

Basketball League In the NBA Lauri Markkanen represented by the Chicago Bulls took the away victory from the Boston Celtics to a score of 102-96. With their victory, the Bulls cut the winning streak of the Celtics ’six games.

For the Chicagoans, the victory was the second in a row. Earlier, the team had lost five matches to the tube.

Markkanen bagged nine points in the game. The Finn succeeded in threes once. There were four companies. He took five rebounds. Markkanen, who started the exchange, was on the parquet for 19 minutes.

The Bulls scored the most points in the match Nikola Vucevic. He amassed a Chicago scoreboard of 29. He had nine rebounds.

After the game, the coach Billy Donovan praised the defense in particular.

“We threw the ball badly in the first half, but the defense kept us playing,” he said according to the league.

Bulls star player Zach LaVine did not play in the match. He is on the sidelines because of the league’s corona protocol.

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