Basketball | “That’s it! My God!” – Markkanen’s historic election was celebrated in Finland and Utah

Lauri Markkanen was selected for the NBA all-star game.

Finn the good news also touched people far away in Utah, because Lauri Markkanen selection for the NBA All-Star Game means that among the best on the court in Salt Lake City is the host city’s own favorite.

“Utah Jazz has a star player, and his name is Lauri Markkanen”, announced the local radio announcer of the team’s matches David Locke on Twitter – and attached a highlight summary of Markkanen’s catches this season.

TNT channel in the official announcement broadcast, studio experts, including NBA legends Charles Barkley and Shaquille O’Nealpraised Markkanen’s selection as fully deserved, because the Utah Jazz have exceeded all expectations under his leadership.

“It’s wonderful that no one tries to argue against this either. Everyone on NBA-Twitter is just like ‘yeah, Lauri knows how to make a basket,'” wrote a Jazz supporter Jason H.

Markkanen’s election was therefore expected even before the news was confirmed early on Friday Finnish time, but certainly not half a year ago.

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“Lauri Markkanen, star player, was NOT on my prediction list for the 2022-23 season,” wrote one.

In social supporters of his former teams also commented on the news about Markkanen’s selection in the media.

“Lauri Markkanen is a star player. I’m sickly happy for him. Too bad it didn’t work out with the Bulls, but I’m glad he’s succeeding in this league,” one Chicago Bulls supporter wrote.

One basketball fan drew special attention to the fact that Markkanen was qualified for the best of the best, but not the one who appeared in the last three star games Rudy Gobert, who played the last nine seasons with the Jazz. The French center was traded to the Minnesota Timberwolves last summer.

“Rudy Gobkuka? Congratulations, Lauri Markkanen! This is what happens when you join the Utah Jazz! I love your contribution here in Utah and can’t wait to see you represent the Jazz in the All-Star Game!” rejoiced A fan of jazz Justin Stillson.

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Of course, for the fourth time in a row, a great defender was chosen for the all-star match Donovan Mitchellwhich the Jazz gave to the Cleveland Cavaliers in exchange for Markkanes, a couple of younger players and several backups.

So the Jazz gave up both of their two all-star players, and Markkanen is the biggest reason why the team can still manage.

“After the Gobert and Mitchell trades, no one on this earth imagined that someone would represent the Jazz [tähdistöottelussa] in Salt Lake City this year. It shows what a wild season this has been.” wrote one Jazz fan.

In many at home in Finland, this night was definitely spent watching.

“That’s it! God and good luck!” rejoiced the basketball coach and announcer Kristian Palotie on Twitter.

The always analytical Palotie also notes that 17 of the players selected for the all-star match are American and seven are European, so it’s not quite at the point that the USA-Europe all-star match would be made up of the absolute tops of the NBA.

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