Basketball | Teemu Rannikko, who finished his career in the championship, was a passionate pitcher and, above all, a “pisser if who” – “There are very few such players”

What made Teemu from the Coast one of the best Finnish basketball players of all time?

Teemu Rannikko’s career in the Basketball League ended aptly. The ball was in Rannikko’s hands when the sixth final of Salon Vilppa and Kauhajoki ended last Tuesday for the Vilppa championship.

The coast debuted in the men’s domestic main series in the 1996-1997 season at just 16 years old. He was one of the top players in the series right from his first season and was still there a quarter of a century later.

Between his first and last main season, Rannikko made a career that is one of the most significant in the history of Finnish basketball. The 189-centimeter Coast did not dominate the games with physical performance but was able to twist the game to its liking with exceptional gaming eyes and intelligence.

Coastal knew even the smallest details of the game as his own pockets and in an exceptional way also manipulated the referees.

Jari Rannikko, father and junior coach:

“Teemu wasn’t much over a decade when his game eyes started to show. He started to pick up the feeds, and not always try the basket itself. I coached the junior team and emphasized to Teemu that in the junior games you can take risks and try which feed goes to the game. I encouraged him to try anything. I’ve sometimes wondered where his game eyes came from. At least it wasn’t inherited from me. For me, throwing was always a better option than feeding because my feeding was a risk.

I was with my wife watching the final of this season. Yes, it felt good. An additional spice was that the championship came in the colors of Salon Vilppaa, where I have also started basketball. ”

Petri Virtanen, teammate in the national team and in Kataja, Joensuu:

“Teemu’s uniqueness is his insatiable passion for this species and its details. I’m not saying others wouldn’t go through them, but Teemu’s interest in them is a degree higher than anyone else’s. When I played with him, he went through with me very carefully the timings, where I want to feed and at what speed. What is the moment I want the ball, is it better that it comes through the floor or in the air. It is exceptional that a player, like Teemu, is able to see the interest of the team through those other than himself.

Teemu’s ability to fish for mistakes could be summed up so that the match is a play and Teemu its director. He was able to influence from every angle how the play progressed in the direction he desired.

We lack piss players who understand reading situations and know how to apply in an instant. There are very few such players. And Teemu is a urinal if who. ”

Jukka Toijala, as Rannikko’s opponent and teammate, Rannikko’s coach in the club team and as the national team’s assistant coach:

“We humans perceive things differently. Someone learns by watching videos, someone learns by reading a scouting report, and someone walks through the patterns on the field for themselves. I feel like Teemu is an extremely talented learner in every way.

The same applies to the other nature of the theme as it does to all masters. Whether it was a football game in the warm-up, he won’t lose it. He also has a sense of humor, and he is a kind-hearted person. ”

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