Basketball | Taru Tuukkanen never went to the bench when Honka bent slightly in the second basketball final

PeKa knocked out Honka’s reading 82-77.

Kotkan The Game Bears will inevitably advance towards the third consecutive Women’s Basketball League championship.

PeKa, who won the first final by 33 points, was much tighter in the second final on Monday, and was even at a loss to Tapiola Honka. However, the strong away team rose to an 82–77 victory in Espoo and is one win away from the championship.

“Honka played well and got off to a little momentum. We have a real battle to win. If the previous game was won by attacking, then now it was won by defending, ”says PeKan’s coach. Roope Mäkelä.

The first half Honka took 42-37. During the break, PeKa made no big changes, but one big decision. Collected three personal errors Zykera Rice was allowed to continue on the field. Rice was the biggest single reason for PeKan’s rise by 31 points. He threw PeKa to the levels, lead and run away in the final minute.

“A few players were a little overnight for the first 20 minutes, but came true indifferent to that difficult episode. There was a small risk of putting Rice on the field with three errors after halftime. It was minus five points, so this decision was made. That was right this time. If he had made a fourth mistake, it might not have been the right decision, ”Mäkelä repeated.

Hongan the best was a veteran who raised 22 points Taru Tuukkanen. He operated tirelessly for 40 minutes without going to the bench.

“I don’t even get tired, I can play. That is why the season has been trained here, ”said 43-year-old Tuukkanen.

In the first final, the young Honka learned the ways of the finals, now it was already competing for victory. The next step would be to overthrow PeKa. In the regular season, it succeeded once.

“We are all pretty motivated and everyone will probably take pride in not being able to play in the first finals. Now we saw that we make it when we play at our own level. I didn’t seem to be at a loss except at the beginning and at the very end. I’ve been 2-0 before losing the final series of the championship and won it, do not have this problem, “Tuukkanen headed to gaze Thursday’s third finals.

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