Basketball | Seagulls took a handsome victory in honor of the celebration of veteran Tuukka Kot

The semi-finals will be broken for the first time in Lapua on Saturday.

Helsinki After a superior performance, Seagulls advanced to a 3-0 lead against Kobri in the basketball league quarterfinals.

With their third win, Gulls got a series of breaks when the teams meet in Lapua on Saturday.

Seagulls loads the numbers 105–88 on the board as one of the team’s veterans Shawn Huff led his group from the front, Tuukka Kotti spent a birthday on the parquet and Antti Kanervo showed off their skills in three-point throws.

“I told the friends that if 40 minutes were played properly in honor of the birthdays, but that wasn’t quite necessary,” Kotti, 40, said in a field interview.

The cobras bowed already in the first installment and have been kindly followed since then.

The second half began with a fairly carefree throwing and running competition where the basket was hit from the basket.

Seagulls then led by about 25 points and a grip on the toughest stages of the game began to slip. Kanervo weighed in a few spectacular three-point throws in as the team built their big lead.

Cobrat tried in the third set to drive the home team big gap closed, but Corban Collinsin the third, who went far behind the line, nailed the numbers 80-60 at the end of the third quarter.

Just over three minutes before the end of the Seagulls Shifter Emil Skyttä your spin inside a three-point throw. The difference increased to 29 points and one hundred broke: 100–71.

A moment later, Skyttä showed how to take advantage of the limited playing time. He rushed under the basket Nathanial Grimesin from the front and donkk the ball frantically into the basket. Great performance.

Skyttä played four minutes and 33 seconds and scored five points. Earned minutes and points.

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