Basketball Seagulls sells Kisahalli again full – New star shines in Korihait crushers

A total of 1,185 spectators watched Helsinki Seagulls’ sovereign performance in Friday’s only Korisliiga match.

Seagulls – Korihait 88–71

At the latest Petteri Koposen The arrival has made Helsinki Seagulls the most attractive and most attention-grabbing team in the Basketball League.

On Friday, the galleries of the Töölö Race Hall were crowded again, although a match against Koriha in Uusikaupunki was expected in advance. That’s how it eventually became.

“Concentration wasn’t perhaps the best today, but we handled the match with honor. We had no worries, but we played mature, ”said Koponen in an interview with Ruud after the match.

Seagulls have sold out all of their three home games this season. Its average audience is 1,192 spectators per match.

Although Korihait came to Töölö as a serial jumbo and after losing all five of their previous matches, it initially seemed to offer Seagulls a much tougher challenge than Pyrint.

The illusion lasted eight minutes until Antti Kanervo and Zaccheus Darko-Kelly both quickly immersed two of the three in the man. The draw had suddenly changed by a difference of ten points, and the Korihait no longer did.

Korihait, who played with a narrow rotation, completely froze after the break. In the end, however, it was able to beautify the final numbers as Seagulls gave playing time to the team’s normally less-playing members.

Difficult after the opening match, the Seagulls have matured into a hard blow. On Tuesday, it had broken in Tampere Basketball League records in three-point throwing attempts (56) and their successes (31).

Pyrint’s place defense was ill-suited to stopping Koponen and other long-range throwers. In the Basket Shark match, it was Koponen’s turn to play more of a side role, with Kanervo and Darko-Kelly in particular emerging from Seagulls.

For the latter, the 24-year-old American was the best game to date in a short Basketball League career. In addition to 21 points, the versatile rearman left his strong handprint in the match anyway.

“Really amazing young guy. [Darko-Kelly] is able to play many places and brings us the athleticism we need ”, Shawn Huff described after the match to the Screen.

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