Basketball Seagulls crushed the Cobras in the opening match of the semi-finals

Lapua’s Cobras fell 117-80.

Helsinki Seagulls fiddled with Lapua Kobria 117–80 (62–38) in his opening of the Korisliiga quarterfinals. The superman in the race hall was 36 points Antti Kanervo, whose screening was unfortunately available to empty auditoriums.

“Today the score came to me, maybe they will come to someone else on Monday or in the next game when the opponent changes his defense,” Kanervo said.

Series leader Seagulls marched into the game’s number one arsenal. The people of Lapua lacked a playmaker belonging to the elite of the league Antto Nikkarinenwho has been on the sidelines for a couple of weeks.

Seagullsin Kanervo played grandly on Saturday. He immediately bombarded a staggering 14 points in five minutes without error.

“We got off to a good start, especially defensively, and then in an attack, one player puts everything he can get his hands on,” admired Seagulls head coach. Jussi Laakso.

Before the break, Kanervo put all his throws in the bag (27 points in time 15.06) and threw nine points in time 12.10 after the break: a total of 36 points. There was a record for the man’s season, the previous one was 33 points against Joensuu.

Heather is one of the players in Seagulls with a special championship thirst. Gold would be the first in 40 years for next week’s qualifier Tuukka Kotille, To Timo Heinonen, 39, and Kanervolle, 31. Shawn Huff, 36, was last champion in Honga in 2003.

Seagulls have recovered from the loss to the regular season final round. On Tuesday, Vilpas went to cut the line of home victories that lasted for 28 league matches from Helsinki.

The eighth-placed Kobrat is one of the surprises in the series. The people of Lapua have been in the final games for the last and only time in 2017.

Seagulls defeated the Cobras early in the Race Hall 85-71. In November, the people of Helsinki applied for a victory from Lapua 93–84.

Kobrissa Remu Raitanen was the most productive on Saturday: 18 points. Breeders of Vantaa Pussihukkki with their father Jari Raitanen there are four championships: two in HNMKY, one in ToPo and UU.

“Getting really good video footage and a really good workout, there was no blow on everything to do,” said Kobrie head coach Ville Turja.

The semi-final will continue on Monday in Lapua, on Thursday in Helsinki and on Saturday in Lapua. Semi-finals with four wins.

Of the day in the second semi-final Salon Vilpas (4) won Lahti Basketball (5) 86-79. On Sunday, the series will be opened by the pairs Pyrinto – Kataja and Karhu – Nokia.

The league’s topics include the meager drop of the meritorious Kotka Basket from the playoffs. Kotka, who has reached the medals 25 times, has been in the playoffs 35 times and played 245 matches in them.

KTP scored 20 points in the regular season with Nokia, Kataja and Kobrie. It was the only one out of the final games of the eight teams in the quartet tie.

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