Basketball Seagulls crashed directly over Kobrie in four matches – Legend of the last spring against the semi-finals

Seagulls is aiming for entry into the first finals of club history. In the semi-finals, the team is most likely to meet Salon Vilppaa.

Kobrat – Seagulls 83–97

Korisliiga Helsinki Seagulls, who won the regular season, did not stumble in the first round of the playoffs against Lapua Kobri.

On Saturday, Seagulls took a decisive fourth win in the fourth match of the match series. The match progressed from start to finish at Lapua Sports Hall under the full control of the guests.

Captain Seagulls signed a one-year extension contract earlier this week Tuukka Kotti said in an interview with Ruudu that he was very pleased with his team’s grips. There was also a head coach along the same lines Jussi Laakso.

“There can be nothing but a satisfied, productive series,” Laakso summed up.

“This is a good team. There are a lot of players here who are able to take responsibility and gain confidence and thank their coaches in a great way. ”

The semi-final is the fourth in the history of the Seagulls club, founded in 2013. The previous three attempts over the years have all led to a bronze medal match. The previous Helsinki team in the men’s basketball league finals is Torpan Pojat, which reached silver in the spring of 2010.

Seagullsin the grips were determined right from the start, and in just over four minutes the team had already developed a ten-point lead.

The cobras remained close to the guests in their home hall for the first quarter, but still a small odor gap. In the second quarter, the gap was already ripping closer to 20 points.

After a break of 47-30, Seagulls was left with the routine mainly performing routine tasks and maintaining the lead. The cobras tuned in small letters on a few occasions, which Seagulls, however, quickly overturned.

Home team slowed down the problems in long throws, especially those familiar from previous matches. It was especially difficult at the beginning: before the break, the Cobras tried a three-point throw 18 times, but only two of them sank.

Another clear difference was the width of the material. Seagulls got 24 points from their substitutes, Cobras just three. The best of consistently high quality Seagulls was awarded Wayne Martin, who in addition to 22 points also collected ten rebounds.

Semi-finals has been rude to under-respondents. In addition to Seagulls, Salon Vilppaa will also have the opportunity to secure its place in the semi-finals on Saturday later, if it wins Lahti Basketball for the fourth time in a row.

In the next round, Seagulls will face Vilppa and the last leg of basketball legend. Teemu Rannikon.

“We’ve had some great twists and turns with Salo in recent years, so it would definitely be a hectic series,” Kotti glowed.

On Sunday, Kens and BC Nokia in Joensuu will also defend the honor of the less well-placed, trying to achieve even one victory over their opponents from Tampere Pyrinnä and Kauhajoki Bear. Pyrinto and Karhu will form the second semi-final pair.

The semifinals’ best of the seven series are in use for the first time this year. Very one-sided match series hardly at least diminish the debate over whether three or four wins should be claimed in the first round.

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