Basketball Seagulls continued his dazzling tube with a crush victory: “Good game from us juniors”

The basketball league’s number one team defeated the league’s tail top in Uusikaupunki’s Korihait reading 105–68.

Helsinki Seagulls is insatiable in the Basketball League. It has won all ten matches of the season after crushing the league’s tail top Uusikaupunki Korihait 105-68 (50-33) on Saturday.

The repetition of the number of home games won in the Seagulls in a row starts to breathe. On Saturday, an audience of 401 people was pampered at the Race Hall with the 23rd consecutive home win.

“We got older players. They showed the direction of the match at the beginning, ”said the coach of Seagulls Jussi Laakso, according to which it was easy for young people to follow suit.

The Seagulls lineup lacked a muscle injury Porter Troube. He was not needed when a guest arriving in the capital with nine men got a ride.

“We were better in many sectors, but I had to raise my voice at half time. Arrogance? Everyone improved and deserved to wear the Seagulls uniform, ”said Laakso.

Basket shark made the opening basket, but then got stuck as a chaser. They took a break with the home team leading by 17 points 50-33.

Seagullsin Antti Kanervo introduced top accuracy. He threw 15 spades before the break, two points in the third quarter and sat on the bench for the rest of the time.

Kanervo, who was awarded the best of the evening, is the best Finnish scorer in the league. Before Saturday, the trio’s specialist was 19th on the basket exchange, with an average of 15.56 points / match.

The Seagulls benchmen got a lot of playing time to settle the match. They scored 38 points, as the number one group Sami Tahvanainen with record points 12. Opening week young Max Besselink scored 19 points.

“A good game from us juniors. Let’s continue in the same way, ”thought Besselink.

Basket sharks the most energetic was an American who joined the team in November Sal Nuhu. The relaxed but explosively striving Bronxin, who started basketball as a late teenager, scored 23 points and took 21 rebounds.

Seagulls has almost always sold out 1,000 spectators under the crown restrictions of the Race Hall. The average spectator of the Helsinki League’s first five league matches in the early season is 432. Above are Vilpas and Lahti-Basket, whose average is over 600.

Choir League retires for just over a week of international break. It knows the command of four Seagulls players for Susijeng’s two European Championship qualifiers in Espoo.

National team coach Henrik Dettmann has called from Seagulls to his crew Shawn Huffin, Tuukka Kotin, Antti Kanervon and Max Besselink.

Finland will face Georgia on Saturday and Serbia on Monday. Matches are played without spectators.

In Uusimaa, a three-week tightened coroner will not change Seagulls ’league program. It will play in early December in Salo and Kauhajoki. On Tuesday, December 15, Nokia will be a guest at the Race Hall.

Seagulls must postpone the Finnish Cup semi-final match. Initially, the match was to be played in the Race Hall on the second weekend of December.


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