Basketball Police investigate “very violent” crash of Korisliiga team players – club’s Yankee confirmation wanted to terminate its contract

On Tuesday, Lahti Basketball terminated the contract of American Brandon Peel at the initiative of the player.

Police examines the players of Lahti Basketball, who play in the men ‘s Basketball League very drastic characterized as a car accident as a risk to road safety.

The accident that resulted in the injury of four players happened to the club by late Saturday night in Mäntsälä. The police media service has three traffic accidents in Mäntsälä over the weekend. One of them happened on Saturday.

“I cannot comment on whether this is the same case,” the Criminal Commissioner of the Eastern Uusimaa Police Department Krista Vallila told HS on Tuesday.

“I can only confirm what is in our bulletin, which is that the police are investigating the exit on Lahdentie on Saturday night, derailing.”

Here At the stage of the investigation, the police are silent about, among other things, the speed of the vehicle and possible other criminal titles.

“On a general level, I can say that the police are investigating the matter and there is talk of endangering traffic safety in such traffic matters. It will be clarified, ”Vallila said.

“I cannot confirm or deny whether your knowledge of the Lahti basketball team is relevant to this case.”

Vallila cannot confirm the exact location of the accident.

“I can’t go into detail. It’s on the highway. ”

“Two are in home care and two are still in hospital.”

The police the information on the accident published so far can fit in two sentences. A summary of the weekend events in the area of ​​the Eastern Uusimaa Police Department was published in the police media service on Tuesday afternoon.

“On Saturday 16.10. late at night the man lost control of the car he was driving, as a result of which the car derailed to the middle lane of the highway. Five people were injured in the accident, ”the press release says.

Lahti Basketball has only announced four players. Was any other person who is not a member of the club involved in the accident?

“All I know is that our four players have been in this situation. It happened in Mäntsälä, but there were obviously many other cases there that night, ”Lahti Basketball’s Executive Director Roope Suonio replied to HS.

“Unfortunately, I don’t know if that’s exactly it. All I know is that our four players have been in an accident at the time. I don’t know if they had any guy involved. At this point, I only take care of these of our guys. ”

Two it is easy to rule out another accident in Mäntsälä from the expulsion of basketball players, as they happened on Sunday morning or morning.

Lahti Basketball informed on Tuesday unloaded the American Brandon Peelin, 26, the contract at the initiative of the player. Did Peel give reason for his wish?

“He has asked for the contract to be terminated. That’s really the only thing I can tell you, ”Suonio replied.

The club said it was as open about the situation as possible at the moment. It cannot comment on the case because a police investigation is ongoing. The names of the players will not be disclosed by the club to the public for reasons of privacy and legal protection of the players.

However, Suonio was able to tell a little more about the players’ well-being.

“Two are in home care and two are still in hospital. That’s where I came from the hospital, they were transferred from Hyvinkää to Lahti last night. The two are still in hospital, ”he said early Tuesday night.

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