Basketball Phoenix stretches its winning streak at the expense of Cleveland, Lauri Markkanen has the biggest game minutes of the season so far

Lauri Markkanen played 36 minutes after Cleveland Cavaliers suffered a meager loss to Phoenix Suns.

Basketball Finnish player in the NBA Lauri Markkasen The Cleveland Cavaliers have suffered a steep defeat for the Phoenix Suns with a score of 115-120 after a tough battle.

Markkanen, who played more than 35 minutes in the match, scored 14 points. He collected rebounds 11.

Markkanen succeeded in five of his 13 companies. There were two successful three-point throws and seven attempts.

The game’s number one in light of points was Phoenix Sunsin Devin Booker 35 points. Markkanen was number one on the team Jarrett Allen 25 points.

Markkanen was nine matches on the sidelines due to the NBA’s corona protocol until he returned to the field in the previous round against Brooklyn. At the time, Markkanen scored 22 points in a match of more than half an hour, in which Cleveland also lost 112-117.

It was already Phoenix’s 14th consecutive win, it is reported On the NBA website. The winning streak has continued since the victory over Cleveland at the end of October.

The figure is close to the club’s record. A winning streak of the same length was achieved in 1992, and in the 2006-07 season, Phoenix stretched its winning streak to as many as 17 matches. A recent win from Cleveland was also the hundredth match coach Monty Williamsin as protection.

Meanwhile, in a match played elsewhere, Markkanen’s former club Chicago Bulls suffered a 113-118 loss to the Houston Rockets.

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