Basketball Only cents separated the NBA’s new super team from the sequel, but even a historic points catch wasn’t enough for the Brooklyn Nets

The season of the winged Brooklyn Nets in the NBA ended with very small margins.

Basketball The NBA season has progressed close to its climax, with five teams left. Early on Sunday, one of the big favorites fell out of Finnish time.

With their super recruits in recent years, perhaps even the biggest champion favorite, the Brooklyn Nets suffered a defeat in the extraordinary time of the dramatic seventh match for the Milwaukee Bucks with 111-115 points.

Even that didn’t help Nets until victory Kevin Durant scored 48 points in the match. This is an all-time record for the NBA’s seventh matches: previously 47 points in sevens have reached Dominique Wilkins in 1988 and Sam Jones in 1963.

Durant had already settled on the match in favor of the Nets in the final seconds of actual playing time.

In a two-point loss position, he sank a difficult long throw that first seemed worth three points. However, the judge next to it rightly noticed that Durant’s toes were just on the three-point arc.

A throw worth three points would have settled the match series for Nets. In overtime, the Bucks took the win instead, and Durant failed badly at the end of overtime in his two long-throw attempts.

Bucks star player Giannis Antetokounmpo scored 40 points in the match and took 13 rebounds.

Nets was an NBA season champion favorite especially after the team bartered from the Houston Rockets at the start of the season James Hardenin.

Against the Bucks, the Nets had already won the first two games of the match series and seemed to be advancing in show style to the sequel. However, the team crashed into injuries that were a big problem for the Nets all season.

Harden suffered a thigh injury all season, and he played against Bucks even though he was unable to run properly. The third party of the star trio Kyrie Irving was completely on the sidelines of the solution games.

“I still thought we could win. And we clearly showed that we could have. The game could have turned in either direction, ”commented Nets’ head coach Steve Nash after the settlement According to ESPN.

“We faced one hurdle too much this season. Our guys gave their all. ”

Even the last one the group that survives in the top four will be settled on the night between Sunday and Monday.

Of the Eastern semi-final pairs, the Philadelphia 76ers and Atlanta Hawks also decide their superiority in the seventh match. The winner will be able to play for the conference championship and final place against Bucks.

The Western final pair will start their fight even before the 76ers and Hawks match. In the opening series, neither team will be able to play with their number one crew, as the back of Phoenix Suns Chris Paul is sidelined due to interest rate regulations, and not the Los Angeles Clippers Pier Kawhi Leonard not yet playful due to a knee injury.



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