Basketball National team star Petteri Koponen is moving to Finnish ranks in the ranks of Helsinki Seagulls

Helsinki Seagulls is catching the number one fish in the Korisliiga summer.

8.8. 11:51

Finland The basketball league is about to receive a new electronic confirmation for next season.

Helsinki Seagulls, one of the champion favorites of recent years, is According to the information received by Aamulehti, grabbing a national team star Petteri Koposen in their ranks. Koponen would definitely be the top acquisition of the Finnish basketball summer.

According to Aamulehti, a more significant offer from abroad could torpedo Koponen’s return to domestic fields.

He was the first to report on the matter MTV Sports.

Koponen, 33, is clearly one of the biggest names in the history of Finnish basketball.

The playmaker rose to the professional fields in Honka, Espoo. Montenegrin legend, head coach Mihailo Pavicevic took Koponen in places under the protection of gentle, in places hard wings and trained a better player from Koponen. Honka won the Finnish Championship gold as Koponen in the spring of 2007 and 2008.

2008–2021 Koponen performed abroad in the best main series in Europe in Spain, Russia, Italy and Germany. The account includes the German championship (in 2019), the victory in the second European competition Eurocup (2015) and the victory in the European triple competition Eurochallenge (2009). The Philadelphia 76ers booked Koponen for the NBA with a 30th reservation in 2007.

Last season, the experienced back player appeared in the Italian Serie A in the ranks of Pallacanestro Reggiana with match averages of 9.0 points, 2.1 rebounds and 2.5 assists.

Helsinki Seagulls has been in the men’s basketball league for the past Seven Years and has become one of the top teams in the series.

Last season ended with bronze medals. Even before Kopo, numerous national team heroes have been seen in the club, such as Captain Susijengi Shawn Huff, the national team record holder Tuukka Kotti and meticulous Antti Kanervo.

Recruiting Koponen to the Finnish Basketball League brings a returning star as bright as a colleague to the domestic main series. Teemu Rannikko was joining the ranks of Kataja in Joensuu in 2013 after his famous foreign tour.

Koponen has represented the Finnish A national team in a total of 137 matches, including four European Championships and one World Championships.



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