Basketball Lauri Markkanen’s throwing game did not go against the champion Lakers: all three-point throws passed

Chicago Bulls’ three-win series broke, Markkanen was left with 12 points.

Los The Angeles Lakers ’strong defense cut off the Chicago Bulls’ winning streak in NBA basketball. Reigning champion the Lakers stretched their away victories to a series of nine matches as it defeated Lauri Markkanen 101-90 of the club. Markkanen scored 12 points and took seven defensive heads. Markkanen threw all five of his three-point attempts past.

Bulls’ number one man was, as usual Zach LaVine With 21 points and ten rebounds. Coby White accompanied LaVinea by 14 points.

The Bulls had three wins below. Now the team’s season balance shows seven wins and nine losses.

“In the first half, we didn’t play the game we were aiming for. We did not feed to those who were free. The Lakers defended the bodywork well, ”the Bulls head coach Billy Donovan commented ESPNto.

The Lakers are number one in the early NBA season after winning 13 games and losing four. In Chicago, it led 63-33 in the middle of the match. In the end, the Californians took their feet off the gas, and the Bulls won the latter quarters.

The Lakers ’number one man had played in his former hometown Anthony Davis, who threw the biggest readers of the season with 37 points. This time he couldn’t see his family in the match because the funnels are empty and the crown rules are strict.

“Playing for a Western block team means matches only bring me home east once a season. It was really different when the family wasn’t in the auditorium, ”Davis said.

LeBron Jamesin the catch was 17 points.

Golden State Warriors Stephen Curry rose second in the NBA’s all-time three-point throw. Curry threw five three-point baskets when his team lost to Utah Jazz 108-127. He has thrown 2,562 three-point baskets in his NBA career.

Curry above the statistics in 2016 has officially stopped Ray Allen, who threw 2,973 three-point baskets in his career.


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