Basketball | Lauri Markkanen’s points balance shrank by less than half from the previous day

The Chicago Bulls ’short winning streak was broken for the San Antonio Spurs victory.

Basketball In the NBA League, the Chicago Bulls ’fresh winning streak was short. After two wins, the ascent was broken at Chicago’s home field by the away team San Antonio Spurs.

The Texas team took the victory with points 106-99.

Chicago Finnish player Lauri Markkanen got immersed in about 33 minutes during his 33 minutes of play. However, the Finn’s final points balance was thinner than in previous games, when a total of ten points were added to the account.

In Tuesday’s match against Oklahoma, Markkanen finished with 22 points.

The best scorer for the Bulls and the whole match was Zach LaVine, who scored a total of 29 points.

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