Basketball Lauri Markkanen’s Cavaliers have the best NBA season in four years – only one name ahead of LeBron James on the historic list

LeBron James, who is playing through his 19th season, came in second in the NBA’s all-time points standings.

Cleveland / Helsinki

Cleveland The Cavaliers took their 41st basketball victory of the season in the NBA as they defeated Detroit Pistons 113-109 with their home floor.

The win ensured that for the first time in four years, the Cavaliers would reap at least as much profit as losses. 82 rounds are played in the regular season.

“We still have many games and many opportunities left,” the Cavaliers head coach stressed JB Bickerstaff To ESPN.

The Cavaliers are sixth in the eastern block and are strongly heading for the playoffs.

Lauri Markkasen the game day was not as effective as the previous one, as the Finn was left with eight points.

Markkanen dipped one three-point throw from four attempts and threw in the throws with 37.5 percent accuracy. He succeeded once in the free throw line. Markkanen took four rebounds at the defense.

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The day before, Markkanen punished the Denver Nuggets with 31 points, which was his biggest point catch of the season.

Cleveland’s top scorer was 24 points Darius Garland. However, the point king of the match was Detroit Jerami Grantwho scored his best balance of the season with 40 points.

Cleveland have now played four consecutive home games, of which the Ohio club has won three.

Los Angeles The superstar of the Lakers LeBron James rose to second place in the NBA’s all-time points statistic when he threw 38 points in a Lakers defeat match against the Washington Wizards. Playing through his 19th career, James passed Utah Jazz as a scorer Karl Malonen rising to 36,947 points.

James said he was taken from being in the same ranks as the players he played as a junior. However, he admitted that defeat dimmed the achievement.

“It’s hard to rejoice now, because after all, this game is about winning and losing,” James, 37, told AFP news agency.

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Statistics second to 21-year-old Malone scored 36,928 points in the regular season. James is no more Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, whose regular season record of 38,387 has been deemed impossible to break. Abdul-Jabbar ended his career in 1989.

If James stays fit next season, the All-Time Score stats could get a new number one.

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