Basketball Lauri Markkanen moves big irons in the gym, but one movement is left out: “Not even going a hundred more”

21.6. 16:17

Cleveland Cavaliersin NBA star Lauri Markkanen is returning to Susijeng’s shirt in the summer World Cup qualifiers against Sweden and Croatia.

Markkanen, 25, last played for the national team four years ago.

Susijengi is currently negotiating with the United States on a package in which Markkanen would represent Finland in the World Cup qualifiers and the European Championships in September.

“There’s no drama going on here. This is a normal process. All the details related to the insurance arrangements will be reviewed with the NBA. They will be completed by next week, ”the national team headed the head coach Henrik Dettmann said at a news conference.

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Markkanen has practiced hard in the early summer for national team games. Last week, the 213-centimeter circle published pictures on Instagram of weightlifting sweatshirts.

The exercise program included at least squat and bench press.

“Satasen will probably have to do (squat),” Markkanen estimates.

“The bench result has come down a bit. It may not even go through a hundred such big series anymore. Ninety for sure. ”

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It is not worth growing a Finn into a muscle bundle that is too big. He has tried to add a more technical edge to his style of play over the summer.

“I’m training more ‘smaller’ player stuff, such as ball handling and passing,” says Markkanen, who plays as a winger.

One One of Markkanen’s favorite summer hobbies is frisbee golf, which he plays hard in his spare time. For the basketball player, the sport is above all a breather.

“It’s a social kind, that’s where it started. It was started with the big brothers and quite a few guys are playing too. Sure, I always want to learn something new, but it’s still not true. They are rounds of fun, ”Markkanen describes.

The Finn enjoys the field from time to time with real frisbee golf superstars. Five-time world champion of the sport Paul McBeth is a good friend of Markkanen.

According to Markkanen, basketball skills are also useful in frisbee golf.

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“Focusing on it (the biggest help) for sure is. The focus should be on each individual performance. Maybe it’s come from the basket that every throw is important, ”he thinks.

“It’s a different movement. But of course there is leverage and strength if you just get the technology right. ”

Markkasella is always a real ace throw up his sleeve on a frisbee golf course when the situation becomes difficult. McBethkin himself would be proud of the throw.

“The so-called grenade launch is probably my feat. It is starting to be under control now, ”says Markkanen.

There are still weaknesses.

“I’ve been practicing the palm when it’s been pretty hard. Now that too is starting to work. ”

Markkanen has trained in the summer in Jyväskylä with several Korisliiga players. For example Topias Kuukkanen, Miikka Marttinen and Kalle Peltonen have kept following the NBA giants.

In addition to the forces brought about by weight training, the Finnish star also tries to improve his body’s ability to avoid injuries. There have been enough of them in recent years.

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“It’s a bit of a double-barreled thing. Personally, I always defend myself when I look at my injuries and they are all ones that I can’t really influence myself. This year, my ankle spun as I came down on my other leg. They just belong to the species, ”says Markkanen.

At the age of 25, Markkanen’s body is still in good condition, but inside his head he may soon feel like an old man. The teams of Susijeng and Cavaliers are very youthful.

“This season, I realized it for the first time when I was the oldest player in the NBA in the starting five. It started to think a little bit about what the future will bring when it comes. But yes, there is still enough energy here, ”Markkanen smiles.

Better that would be enough. Long-time coach Dettmann mutters a dull reminder to Markkanen.

“Lauri, the last two games were won, it’s not worth coming to fuck this now,” Dettmann grins.

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