Basketball Lauri Markkanen made a great donation and was the best scorer of his team in the NBA practice game

Markkanen’s Cleveland faced the Chicago Bulls again.

Cleveland Finnish player for the Cavaliers Lauri Markkanen scored 18 points in Sunday night’s NBA League practice match and was the best scorer on his team.

Cleveland now faced Markkanen’s former club Chicago Bulls again. The match ended in the Bulls’ meager 102-101 victory.

When the teams faced in the first practice match of the season, the Bulls crushed Cleveland 131-95.

In addition to the points, Markkanen took four rebounds in the match and gave three assists to the basket. Markkanen bagged two of his five three-point throws. The playing time was 26.21.

After the match, Markkanen hoped that more than three of them would be expected of him.

“I’m trying to get coaching to trust that I can do more than just try threes,” he stated at a post-match media event.

Cleveland has now played four practice matches, of which it has won one.

“There is a lot of work to be done. Getting new players to the same page is the most important thing, ”Markkanen said.

Finns have credit that team play will pay off in the future.

“We’re a selfless team.”

Cleveland will play one more practice match before the start of the NBA season. The NBA starts on October 19th. Cleveland’s first match on October 20 is a away game against Mephis.

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