Basketball Kauhajoki kept the stars of Vilpapa in check and narrowed down the Korisliiga final series

The fourth final match will be played on Friday in Salo.

Karhu Basket – Salon Vilpas 83–71. Profits 1-2.

Kauhajoki Karhu Basket won the third round of the men’s Basketball League final series when Salon Vilpas fell in Kauhajoki with a reading of 83–71 (42–34).

Vilpas leads the series with 2-1 wins, the championship comes off with four wins. The fourth final match will be played on Friday in Salo.

The opening victory in Kauhajoki was mainly due to the fact that the team managed to keep Vilppaa’s teeth in check, where the people of Kauhajoki had not succeeded before.

The first center of the home team TJ Holyfield was still on the sidelines, however Osasumwen Osaghae Jr was a great patrolman when keeping guests Jeremiah Woodin in their pliers. Osaghae scored 14 points and took 10 rebounds.

Wood was left with 16 points this time, succeeding only five times in the game situation.

Woodin like the heroes of the first two matches Teemu Rannikko missed his best, as the veteran’s account accumulated only two points. The same thing happened to another Finnish talent, Aatu to Kivimäki, which remained at three points.

“We had to invest in defending Wood, that was number one. Another thing was how we defend Rannikko and Kivimäki in ball scoring situations. In the last match we didn’t succeed in these, but now we did better, ”rejoiced the head coach of Kauhajoki. Janne Koskimies.

The absence of the lake did not bother Kauhajoki even bothered the star player Okko Järven absence. Lake was in the lineup, but he didn’t play for a second.

In addition to Osaghae, the home team’s screen led by 19 points per man prey Collin Malcolm and Anthony Hilliard as well as the butt Bojan Sarcevic, who scored 15 points and gave six assists to the basket.

The opening round of the match ended 24-24, but Kauhajoki tore the neck of eight points in the second quarter, and the team no longer gave it up.

“The solution was born under the basket. Kauhajoki played more physically than before, and they had a big guy there (Osaghae), who was the “X-factor” of this game, summed up Vilppa’s best scorer, who scored 21 points. Mikko Koivisto.

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