Basketball | In the NBA, a great final decision, only slowing down tells the truth

The NBA Eastern Conference Finals series continues thanks to Boston’s Derrick White’s last-minute basket against the Miami Heat.

Basketball In the NBA, we saw a great final decision in the final series of the Eastern Conference, when the Boston Celtics took their third consecutive victory over the Miami Heat on the away court with the score of 104–103.

The victory was the third in a row for the Celtics, and it evened the series at 3-3.

However, Miami’s place in the finals was really close, just a tenth of a second away. Leading 103-102 with three seconds left on the clock, Boston had a layup from the offensive zone.

That’s when the guy in the back appeared Derrick White.

White made a layup to Marcus Smart, who made a quick turnaround jumper. When the ball left Smart’s hands, White drove toward the basket.

The ball rolled off the hoop right into White’s hands, and he put the ball in the basket as the buzzer sounded.

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The number 0.0 flashed on the light board. Game time was over. But had the ball left White’s hands before time expired?

The judges gathered, the situation was checked on video and the basket was accepted. The slow motion shows the ball leaving White’s hands with 0.1 seconds left on the clock.

White scored only 11 points in the game, but two of them extended the team’s season.

The Celtics were the most effective in the match Jayson Tatum with 31 points. Among the Miami players, the best balance was the one who sank 24 points With Jimmy Butler.

The team that gets to the final match of the league will survive in Boston on the night before Tuesday Finnish time. The Denver Nuggets have already secured their place in the finals.

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