Basketball | Expert: Lauri Markkanen can earn more than Kimi Räikkönen in his prime

Star selection can add up to huge profits in the next contract negotiations. Markkanen’s current contract runs until the summer of 2025.

Basketball Star Lauri Markkanen being selected for the NBA’s all-star game means huge benefits for the Finn.

With the star selection, the Utah superstar played through the player pyramid of Finnish basketball.

“After all, this is the highest single achievement in Finnish basketball”, basketball expert Kristian Palotie seal.

The basketball association launched a development pyramid for boy players more than ten years ago, which started with the first youth national teams and progressed through the adult national team to finally the NBA and its all-star game.

“The goal of the pyramid model was to have one Finn at the NBA All-Star level. Ten years ago when I saw this, it seemed like an absolutely absurd idea. Now it’s coming true, and in that sense it’s crazy for the entire Finnish basketball team,” Palotie thinks.

“It’s also important to understand that even though many have helped Lauri on the way, yes, this is Lauri’s achievement and Finnish basketball cannot do this alone. A moment to stop.”

The two of you the constellation weekend coming up in a week is the subject of huge media attention in the United States. It is also a good place to network, if the player has such desires.

However, according to Palotie, it is not a coincidence that the choice of constellation means new partnerships for Markkanen. The Finn is not a flashy and luminous superstar as a type of player.

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“Markkanen is more to the liking of basketball geeks because he is so efficient. The game is not seasoned with useless or extra tricks, but very straightforward. I don’t know how this will work out for people other than super basketball fans”, Palotie thinks.

“Of course, this gives him a huge amount of additional attention, but it’s really hard for me to answer whether this X number means more sponsorship opportunities. It’s so individual in a team sport,” Palotie says.

Lauri Markkanen cleared his way to the NBA all-star game with top shots.

Running in the season, Markkanen will not be able to fatten his bank account by selecting stars. According to ESPN’s information, only a few star players have a clause in their contract that brings a small bonus for the star selection.

If everything goes well from Markkanen’s point of view, the star selection will accumulate into huge profits in the next contract negotiations. Markkanen’s current contract runs until the summer of 2025.

“The star designation gives more weight. The way he’s been playing, he’s about to get a maximum contract at this track. Not necessarily a super max model, which would require an All NBA spot (all-star team of the season) or the title of defender of the year or something else,” says Palotie.

A maximum deal means a contract that would be 25 percent of the team’s salary cap. This would mean around 40 million dollars in seasonal earnings for Markkanen. This year Markkanen Earns about 16.5 million dollars.

The accelerating economic growth of the NBA means that the league’s salary cap will also rise. It is directly reflected in maximum contracts. Markkanen could make a five-year deal next, for example.

“This is already a pretty moderate estimate when you take into account how the salary cap will rise and what kind of new TV deal is coming. We can quickly expect to talk about a total contract of 250-300 million, if and when he hopefully remains intact”, predicts Palotie.

The highest-earning Finnish athlete of all time is a formula champion Kimi Raikkonen. Räikkönen, who earned around 300 million euros in his career, according to estimates, earned up to 30 million euros a year at his best.

Will Markkanen break this record?

“According to all sense, as long as Lauri remains intact,” Palotie assesses.

For a stellar weekend in addition to the match itself, there is a cavalcade of trick competitions. The NBA’s top players talk about their skills in three-point throws, dunks and skills competition.

It is not known about Markkanen’s participation in side competitions. Palotie treats the request with the idea of ​​which race Markkanen would be most successful in.

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“He is exceptional in the sense that he would fit into anything. He is a really skilled donk and has clearly practiced them. In the warm-ups, there have been some pretty cheeky nice dunks between the legs. It would be very interesting”, Palotie thinks.

“If he were to go somewhere, a skills competition would be the most optimal for him. He is such a fast and skilled big player. As good a thrower as he is, among the competition formats, the throwing competition would be the most difficult for him.”

of the NBA the constellation weekend will take place on the 17th–19th February in Markkanen’s hometown in Salt Lake City.

Fan favorites LeBron James and Giannis Antetokounmpo select their team for the all-star game right before the game.

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