Basketball EBT and Peli-Karhut took the finals of the Finnish Basketball Women’s Cup

EBT and Peli-Karhut will face basketball in the finals of the Finnish Women’s Cup on February 14.

In Wednesday’s semi-finals, EBT defeated Kouvottaret with 76-67 points, and Peli-Karhut dropped Vimpel’s Bet to 83-68.

Morgan Batey was the power player of the Espoo EBT in Kouvola. Batey threw 30 points to the away team and grabbed ten rebounds. Also Hannah Little was effective. He scored 17 points and caught 13 rebounds.

Peli-Karhut played convincingly in Vimpel from start to finish. Elena Melto threw 19 points to the Game Bears and captured 16 rebounds. A sharp start to the game Linda-Lotta Lehtoranta the catch was 15 points and 11 basket feeds.

Doniyah Cliney was Vimpel’s power player with 27 points and nine rebounds.


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