Basketball Cobrien’s Justin Pierce collided with an opponent in the middle of a dungeon, fell head first on the floor and was taken by ambulance for brain imaging

Seagulls stretched the home winning streak to 25 matches.

Seagulls – Cobrat 85–71

Helsinki Seagulls continue undefeated in the Basketball League. In the 13th match of the season, Lapuan Cobras was left behind.

At the same time, Seagulls stretched their incredible home-winning streak to 25 matches. The two points came off with a relentless fourth-quarter finish. The final batch turned to the hosts 27–13.

The match the beginning was scary at Seagulls. The cobras banged themselves into the 17-5 lead before the logs woke up to play. The last installment was based on a tie.

Cobrie’s Justin Pierce (left) and Seagulls’ Tuukka Kotti swing before the collision.­

Cobra power cannon Justin Pierce donked himself to the canvas right at the start of the match. He collided in the air Tuukka Kotin with and fell head above the floor.

“Justin is now in an ambulance at the hospital. I guess it’s the third brain image he’s going to get into this year, ”coaches Cobrie Ville Turja said.

“The house might seem surprising that Justin has a pretty hard bounce and he always goes to the donk in those situations. There was a small contact, and he could not stop the pendulum movement, but the grip came off the iron. ”

Piercen after falling to the floor, the words of power flew, and just then it seemed impossible for the man to continue playing. However, he played like a miracle trade and would have continued the game right away if Turja hadn’t pulled him into the exchange.

“He didn’t really know where he was.”

According to Turja, the Seagulls were in real grip until the Cobrie team startled Pierce’s situation.

“Our dudes started thinking about what happened to him. Justin immediately got a decent horn on his forehead. It dropped his gloves for a moment, and Seagulls got in for free in the game. In the long run, it also confused our rotation. ”

Race hall in the backyard was seen the encounter of the basket kings of the Basketball League after Seagulls Keldale McCullum took a measure of the number one in the series, Kobrien About Antto Nikkarinen.

McCullum pulled a longer streak from his rival with 19 points and 6 assists. He drove the basket sharply and deprived Nikkarinen of the ball a couple of times.

“McCullum took it,” Coach of the Seagulls Jussi Laakso commented on the duel.

Seagulls’ new acquisition, U.S. assassin Corban Collins has not played against Kobri yet. He may debut in a week in Kauhajoki.

Seaguls from Helsinki clashed with Lapua Kobri in a basketball match at Töölö Race Hall in Helsinki.­


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