Basketball | Basketball player Mikael Jantunen leaves the university series and heads to the professional fields

The Sudenese, who represented the Utah University League in the NCAA for the last two seasons, returns to Europe.

“Thank you Utah, this has been like a second home for me. ” I saw a 20-year-old basketball player Mikael Jantunen will launch its Twitter update on Monday.

After the thanks, the message continues, ending with Jantunen saying that he intends to continue his basketball career as a professional.

The decision has already been overturned in Utah. Deseretnewsin according to Jantunen has not participated in the team’s preparatory exercises for the season.

During the two NCAA seasons, Jantunen contracted a total of 49 matches with an average of 7.4 points, 4.8 rebounds and 1.2 assists per match.

A national team Jantunen became a regular player only at the age of 18. He was then playing at the Basketball Association’s incubator HBA-Märsky.

From there, Jantunen went to the United States to study and play at the University of Utah.

Basketball.fiAccording to the website, Jantunen will train in Salt Lake City for some time and then return to Finland to practice and prepare for next season.

The aim is a professional agreement in Europe.

In the university series, Jantunen feels that he has developed as a player.

“I have seen the University of fields, able to measure my level people my age NBA reservations against rehearse in a professional environment and most certainly I leave here a lot better player than how I came here,” Jantunen told

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