Basketball 18-year-old Miro Little shakes up the hard goal of being Finland’s next Lauri Markkanen: “One year. Then the NBA ”

Susijeng’s teen star Miro Little heads to the United States in the fall.

Miro Little18, believes that big goals need to be said out loud because it forces you to do your best.

“The goal is big, and that’s how it should be. When you say it out loud, you have to inject your best, ”Little said on Tuesday after practice with the basketball team in Helsinki.

As national team leader, Little’s big goal is the NBA, and the path he wants has already been chosen.

For next season, Little will leave HBA-Märsky and move on to Sunrise Christian Academy in Kansas, USA, a private and Christian high school.

“When I was thinking about next season’s options for December, there are many different paths to the NBA and I also wanted to experience school in America. I’m half American, and in terms of basketball, it’s one of the best teams in the U.S., ”Little explained.

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After a year at Sunrise Christian Academy, Little moves to Baylor University. And he’s not going to expire there for more than a year.

“One year. Then the NBA. ”

Little made his debut on the men’s basketball national team in the February World Cup qualifiers at the age of 17. He is the youngest Finnish basketball player to break into the men’s national team of this millennium.

As Finland continues its World Cup qualifiers tonight against Sweden, Little is, according to his own assessment, one step more ready to play basketball than four months ago.

“Peace and self-confidence have become more. Especially in an attack, you notice that everything comes from the back of the head.

Little considers one-on-one defense and long-range throwing to be his main areas of development.

“As a child, I hated defending when it wasn’t allowed to make baskets in it. Now it’s already going. I want to focus on one-on-one defense. ”

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Illan Tickets for the Swedish match at the Espoo Metro Arena were sold out several days before the game.

“Last time it was a great feeling to get to play. That would be great even now, “Little said.

There was still plenty of time for the match line-up to be announced at the time of the interview. The position of the referee is one of those where the venues are open for Petteri Koponen playing the last summer of his career and Jamar Wilson missed a national team raid.

“The choices are difficult. In some venues, we no longer have as clear a hierarchy as we once had. Before, there were certain strong cornerstones, like Petteri. You can see in the trainings that quite a few players come to the board before the trainings to see where the gang is and with whom, ”the head coach Lassi Tuovi said.

Finland and Sweden faced the World Cup qualifiers for the first time last November, winning 72-62 points. According to Tuovi, Finland wants to force Sweden to play at a faster pace.

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“We must not let Sweden play at its own pace. They want to play slower than we do. This will be a tempo battle. In the previous game we threw a lot past, but such days will come and we have to keep winning even if the throws don’t fall. Sure now we have better match upeja”Tuovi pointed out Lauri Markkasen return to the national team.

The match at Espoo Metro-Arena starts at 6.30 pm. On Sunday, Finland will play away from Croatia.

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