Basic Finns The party leadership of the basic Finns went new: Here are all the person choices

The incumbent party secretary and the second and third vice-chairmen were ousted.

Basic Finns the party leadership went completely new at the Seinäjoki party meeting on Saturday.

Here are all the person choices:

Riikka Purra

Chairman Riikka Purra. The predecessor of the bite Jussi Halla-aho announced in the summer that he no longer intended to run for office.

Purra, who has been elected chairman, is a Member of Parliament from Kirkkonummi for the first term. Under his leadership, the party’s line is not expected to change much, as he has been doing so as the party’s first vice president.

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Arto Luukkanen

Party Secretary Arto Luukkanen. Luukkanen challenged the sitting chairman Simo Grönroosin and defeated him by a vote of 706–397.

Luukkanen has a doctorate in theology and works at the University of Helsinki as a university lecturer in Russian and Eastern European studies. He has written several books on Russia. He also serves as the chairman of the board of the Finnish Foundation Foundation for Basic Finns.

Leena Meri

First Vice Chairman Leena Meri. Meri is a second-term MP and deputy judge. He chairs the Parliamentary Committee on Law. He was elected to replace Purra as chairman.

Mauri Peltokangas

Second Vice Chairman Mauri Peltokangas. Peltokangas has so far replaced the second vice-chairman Arja Juvonen by a vote of 649–259.

Peltokangas is a first-term MP who has been charged with incitement against a group of people. He denies the charges.

Peltokangas also serves as the district manager of the nationalist Finnish Sisu Association in Central Ostrobothnia.

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Sebastian Tynkkynen

Sebastian Tynkkynen, third vice-chairman. Tynkkynen was won by a Member of Parliament, Deputy Speaker of Parliament Juho Eerolan, who had hitherto held the position of third vice-chairman.

Tynkkynen is a first-term MP.

He, too, has been indicted in March for incitement against a group of people. Tynkkynen has denied guilty of the crime.

In the past, Tynkkynen has been fined twice for inciting against a group of people, in 2017 and 2020.



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