Basic Finns Ossi Tiihonen, who called the coronavirus a “normal gout disease,” received almost 15 percent of the presidential vote – what does that mean for the party?

According to Tiihonen, the coronavirus line of basic Finns has not been correct during the pandemic. He does not consider the virus that caused the pandemic a serious threat and would like to immediately lift all coronavirus restrictions.

One of the surprises of the basic Finnish party assembly, there was opposition to corona measures Ossi Tiihonen the number of votes received. He came third in the race and received 181 votes, which was only 71 votes less than the second-placed MP. At Sakari Park.

For a candidate who is not a Member of Parliament or otherwise in a prominent position in a party, the number of votes may be considered high. Fourth candidate Kristiina Ilmarinen received seven votes.

Tiihonen is an entrepreneur and city councilor from Lohja. He received 145 votes in the municipal elections.

Tiihonen has presumably gained popularity especially on social media. He actively updates his channels and keeps a blog.

Tiihonen would like to change the line of basic Finns with regard to the coronavirus in particular. This has been his most significant theme.

He does not consider the virus that caused the pandemic a serious threat and would like to immediately lift all coronavirus restrictions.

Tiihonen also discussed corona measures in his speech before the presidential election.

In his speech, Tiihonen called the virus that caused the pandemic “ordinary glanders”. In his opinion, the fundamental rights of Finns have been restricted in vain.

In his speech, Tiihonen said that he would have organized a large demonstration to oppose the government’s corona actions. In addition, he advocates Finland’s separation from the European Union and the euro.

At the meeting place for example, the chairman of Basic Finnish Youth Miko Bergbom Tiihonen said he believed that Tiihonen’s popularity was due to the prolonged coronavirus situation. The situation has been so variable for a long time, for example in terms of restrictions.

“It’s starting to be the kind that an ordinary person starts to get annoyed with it easily. It could be like it was a demonstration of this current state, which I hope would be over somewhere, ”Bergbom says.

Was Bergbom surprised by the number of votes?

“It surprised more than 180 tall people, but it wasn’t as big as they might have expected. Pretty much in line with expectations. ”

Some of the meeting people were of the opinion that Tiihonen had brought a lot of his own supporters to the place, who had not been involved in the activities of basic Finns before. Others, on the other hand, had not noticed such a phenomenon.

Party politicians at the core commented little on Tiihonen’s vote. For example, MEP Laura Huhtasaari said that she was neutral about the situation.

“I hadn’t thought about how he would work outside the parliamentary group. Yes, it was in that sense then [yllätys], I have to admit, ”Huhtasaari said.

Chairman of the Parliamentary Group Ville Tavio also said he has no specific comment on the number of votes for an individual candidate.

“It is quite positive that he is a candidate and can represent a different line than the seated parliamentary group has represented.”

As for Tiihonen the number of votes received means to the coronavirus line of basic Finns Should the party intervene somehow or change the line?

Chairman Riikka Purra commented on the issue.

“Ossi Tiihonen has specifically performed and identified along this line and let it be given to him,” he said.

However, Purra stressed that we need to proceed with coronavirus operations on the basis of expert knowledge. He says the party’s coronal line is good and he sees no need for change in it.

“Clearly there is not much support for that way of thinking. That could be interpreted from these voting numbers, ”commented the former chairman Jussi Halla-aho Tiihonen’s coronal line.

According to Halla-aho, the issue of the coronavirus is a bit “peripheral” for the party, ie the pandemic is a transient phenomenon in the long run.

“It’s not wise to pottery very deeply in things like this. In that sense, I disagree with Tiihonen. Without commenting at all on his claims to merits per se. ”

According to Halla-aho, the phenomenon is related to the fact that Basic Finns are perceived as an alternative party. In imagination, the party easily turns into an option on almost every issue, he says.

“I could well imagine that those who have non-mainstream views on vaccinations or masks, or the corona in general, will probably perceive the Basic Finns as the closest party to themselves.”

Correction 14.8. at 9.25 pm: Contrary to what was previously stated in the title of the story, Tiihonen received almost 15 percent of the vote, not nearly 14 percent.



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