Basic Finns Juho Eerola will not compete for the basic Finnish presidency

Deputy Speaker of Parliament Eerola does not want to leave his current position.

Congressman Juho Eerola (ps) does not set out to seek the presidency of the basic Finns. He announced his decision on Monday.

Basic Finns will elect a new chairman who resigns Jussi Halla-ahon to replace him at a party meeting in Seinäjoki in less than two weeks.

Eerola, the second deputy speaker of the parliament, believes that he could not continue in his current position if he became elected chairman of his party.

“Working in the Parliamentary Bureau is a great task of trust and honor. Giving up that job for personal ambition would be false, ”Eerola explains in his statement.

He also estimates that the presidency will not be decisively better than, for example, MPs who have already registered for the competition. Riikka Purra or Sakari Park.

Eerola says that he is seeking a continuation at the party conference as the third vice-chairman of the basic Finns. He does not rule out applying for a presidency in the future.

“Let’s see again in two years’ time how the current president has survived.”



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