Basic Finns HS’s value map reveals small differences in emphasis between those who bet on the basic Finns

On the value map, Riikka Purra is closest to the average of basic Finns, clearly closer than Jussi Halla-aho.

Riddle the future president of basic Finns started oitis on monday when Jussi Halla-aho said he would leave his place at the August party meeting in Seinäjoki.

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So far, registrations for the successor competition are awaited. The party’s vice-chairman has been the most prominent in Veikkaus Riikka Purra. In addition, the chairman of the parliamentary group, for example, has been considered a possible successor Ville Taviota, the third vice – chairman Juho Eerola and another vice-chairman Arja Juvosta.

How do they differ from the current chairman, Halla-aho?

All the above have worked closely with Halla-aho in recent years. Therefore, one can bet that the line of the party under anyone’s leadership would not change very significantly.

Small differences in emphasis can still be sought by looking at the HS value chart on which potential presidential candidates rank based on how they have answered the questions on the HS election machine.

For example, the answers show that, as expected, everyone, like Halla-aho, is in the upper right corner of the value chart, ie on both the right and the conservative side.

Riikka Purra

On the map, Riikka Purra is closest to the average of all Finnish municipal candidates, in fact right next to it.

In addition, the map shows, for example, that Halla-aho is more clearly on the conservative side in terms of value than its potential successor candidates and the basic Finnish municipal election candidates on average. Arja Juvonen, who is quite close to the border of the liberal field, stands out most clearly from Halla-aho in this respect.

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Value map is made up of a total of eight questions measuring the Conservative-Liberal and Left-Right divisions of the HS election machine. The full list is at the end of this story.

Issues that measure the conservative-liberal divide include the claim that it is a good thing that gay and lesbian couples have the same marriage and adoption rights as heterosexual couples.

For this statement, there are differences between potential successor candidates and Halla-aho.

Halla-aho disagrees in part with the claim.

“Man is a sexually reproducing being, and every human being has a father and a mother. No one has two mothers or two fathers, and I do not think it is justified to create such an illusion through adoption arrangements, ”he writes in his election machine response.

Arja Juvonen

Juvonen, on the other hand, fully agrees with the statement, which means that it is a good thing for gay and lesbian couples to have the same marriage and adoption rights as heterosexual couples. Juvonen does not justify the matter in the election machine.

Ville Tavio

Ville Tavio partly agrees with that statement.

“By the way, I agree with the same rights, except that ecclesiastical ordinations are, in my opinion, a matter for the religions themselves,” he notes.

Riikka Purra answers that she can’t say.

“The reform of the Marriage Act, which allowed marriage and at the same time the external adoption of a family to same-sex couples, came into force in 2017, so the state of affairs is a fact. Hopefully next, parenting will not be allowed for more than 1-2 people,” he writes.

Juho Eerola

Juho Eerola did not answer the HS municipal election machine this spring and his answer has been collected from the 2019 parliamentary election machine, where the same background questions for the value map were asked. He responded in the same way as Halla-aho, i.e., partly disagreed.

“A child originates biologically from both a man and a woman, that is, a father and a mother. I therefore start from the premise that the child has the right to have parents of both sexes on an equal footing. I have no other need to restrict the rights of gays and lesbians. ”

Immigration the whole group is in agreement with each other.

In other words, they completely disagree with the statement that: If the state offers to set up a reception center for asylum seekers in my home country, the offer must be accepted.

This is the only background question on the value map for which there are not even differences in weighting among them.

Halla-ahon has been considered to have taken the basic Finns to the right Timo Soinin times. The positioning of successor candidates on the right-left axis is interesting in this sense.

The differences in election machine responses are moderate. Tavio and Juvonen are at the top of the value chart. Halla-aho and Eerola are a little to the left of them and Purra is a little closer to the center than the basic Finnish municipal candidates on average.

Differences arise from relatively small weighting differences in responses. The most notable difference is seen in the claim, which reads as follows: Large income disparities are acceptable so that differences in people’s talent and diligence can be rewarded.

Bite is on a different line from this claim than the others mentioned in this story. He partly disagrees with the statement. On the other hand, in his open answer, he states that he could answer both partly agree and partly disagree.

This reflects one shortcoming of the value chart: it fails to take into account the rationale for open-ended answers or the fact that different people may read questions in slightly different ways.

“This could be answered in part in agreement and disagreement. There are low income disparities in Finland and this must be the case. However, it is clear that studying and working must have a chance to succeed. The rest would be socialism. Going to work should be left in hand more than living on social security. Unfortunately, this is not always the case today, ”Purra writes.

Halla-aho fully agrees with the claim.

“It is important that a person has the right and opportunity to succeed in their work or talent. The problem for the poor is that they are poor, not that someone else is wealthy. ”

Value map background issues

The HS value map is based on eight questions, four of which measure the liberal-conservative axis and four the right-left axis.


■ If a situation arises where it is necessary to either cut public services and social benefits or raise taxes, tax increases are a better option.

■ Services and social benefits such as the current one are too burdensome for public finances in the long run.

■ Large income disparities are acceptable so that differences in people’s talent and diligence can be rewarded.

■ Public services should be increasingly outsourced to private companies.


■ Gay and lesbian couples must have the same marriage and adoption rights as heterosexual couples.

■ If the state offers to set up a reception center for asylum seekers in my home country, the offer must be accepted.

■ Schoolchildren are treated too loosely in schools. Tighter discipline would make schools better.

■ Traditional values ​​- such as home, religion and homeland – form a good value base for politics.



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