Basic Finns A vegetarian who drives a tough line of immigration and likes to talk about the economy: This is Riikka Purra, who is going to the basic Finnish leadership race

Riikka Purra from basic Finns emphasized on Thursday when she registered for the presidency that she was not breathing power. What kind of leader would Basic Finns get from him?

Basic Finns vice chairman Riikka Purra said on Thursday, as expected, that he intends to seek the party’s presidency at the Seinäjoki party meeting in the autumn Jussi Halla-ahon resigning.

Purra based his decision on, among other things, a sense of duty and the numerous requests he received.

At the same time, he stressed that he is not really the type who desires leadership positions or a “self-pusher”. He even said that he had attracted the chairman of the parliamentary group to the position Ville Taviota.

“My earlier statement that I don’t have a big personal whiff about the task is simply true,” Purra said.

Provided Thus, the bite would be elected to the leadership of the basic Finns, it would seem that the party would get from him an initially reluctant leader, like Halla-ahok was in his time.

But what would Purra, who was considered a pre-favorite of the presidency, otherwise? How would the party line change?

In basic Finns Purra is known as a hard-working and careful driller with clear views on basic Finnish politics.

Politically, he is described as being relatively close to Halla-aho. Purra says that in his time he was interested in basic Finns after following Halla-aho’s blog.

As a possible weakness of Purra for the presidency, it is mentioned that he has only a relatively short political career behind him.

This was also one of the reasons that made him wonder if running for president is the right choice for him previously told HS.

“Sure, I was asked many times by basic Finns, but I dragged myself into politics.”

Bite, 44, originally became a political planner for basic Finns in 2016. According to him, interest in the party’s themes had still arisen ten years earlier.

Prior to working at the party office, he prepared a report on immigration for the party’s think tank, the Finnish Foundation. Outside of politics, he worked, among other things, as a dissertation researcher in international politics.

“Sure, I was asked many times by basic Finns, but I dragged myself into politics.”

Outside of party life, Purra is known, for example, as a vegetarian attached to green juices. He has not eaten any meat other than fish for more than 20 years. With his rather stylized Instagram account, Purra mainly presents healthy food portions and juices.

“I don’t like forcing vegetarians or better eating meat or anything else or rubbing on your face. I think a person’s diet is his own thing. For me, food and nutrition are just that – not the building blocks of identity politics. ”

On Thursday In his speech, Purra emphasized that he has played a key role in shaping basic Finnish policy in recent years, for example through his role as vice-president. It is natural, then, that he does not see much to be corrected in the line of the party.

There may still be small differences in weighting.

Among other things, Purra said that he himself would talk more about the economy and emphasize its importance in the background of very many things.

With regard to the immigration line, he stated that he was on the party’s current line against “harmful” immigration and referred to the party’s programs.

Purra still said that he would try to justify more clearly why the Basic Finns run the same line of immigration as it does.

“We don’t do it with embarrassment, we’re not human haters, we’re not cold to the world and our neighbors, but there are various reasons for our immigration policy that can be found in economic, cultural and social [syistä]. ”

“If I am caught, the Basic Finns will never participate in a government where it would not be able to significantly tighten Finnish immigration policy.”

Basic Finns in its immigration policy program, to end the abolition of immigration for humanitarian reasons, among other things.

What does Purrasta mean that the party does not take a cold view of the world or its neighbors, as he put it?

“A person has the right to seek asylum and it is enshrined in international treaties and legislation. On the other hand, it does not state which country should grant that asylum. ”

“On the other hand, it has not been said that asylum must be eternal or that international protection must automatically lead to citizenship. There are so many things that it is possible to tighten our immigration policy in a completely rational and justified way. ”

Purra often refers, for example, to the immigration line run by the Danish Social Democratic government as a good example for Finland.

In recent years, Denmark has become known for its strict line. It was recently approved by Parliament for example, a law allowing asylum seekers to be flown to centers outside the EU to await the processing of their applications.

Bite also said on Thursday that a seat in the prime minister’s party would be a clear goal for the party under his leadership. However, they will only go to government if immigration policy changes.

“If I am caught, the Basic Finns will never participate in a government where it would not be able to significantly tighten Finnish immigration policy.”

He believes that other parties should now be asked whether they are ready for a government that will make significant tightenings on immigration.

When asked, Purra did not specify what a significant change in immigration policy would actually mean. He referred, among other things, to the party’s immigration policy program and its well-known goals.

On government cooperation, Purra said that in principle, under his leadership, it would be possible with all parties if things were agreed.

“Of course, in the opposition we cooperate the most with the Coalition, on the other hand, with the center we have very many similar goals and values.”

“Traditional social democracy also has similar goals and values ​​as basic Finns. But somehow this reign feels like our parities are pretty weak. ”

Purra believes the government’s goal of increasing labor migration will bring workers mainly to low-wage sectors.

Halla-ahon During the period, basic Finns have been interpreted to have moved to the right in their politics Timo Soinin early party. In the case of Halla-aho’s successor, the position of the party in this respect will also be monitored.

Recently attracted attention Halla-aho’s line speech, in which he stated that the trade union movement and the business community are unable to agree on the necessary measures to improve employment in Finland.

He did not directly say that basic Finns support, for example, the weakening of unemployment security and dismissal protection or the abolition of universal binding. However, he made it clear that these reforms were necessary.

This was interpreted as a change of line and Halla-aho was already seen as laying the groundwork for a right-wing government. From the political left was charged Halla-aho is attacking the position of workers.

What does Purra think of these collective bargaining discussions, for example?

For him, the speech was misunderstood.

“The current parliamentary election program for basic Finns says that flexibility is needed in the labor market, and we are in favor of a local agreement and an increase to a certain extent, but this must be done within the framework defined by collective agreements.”

“I think this is a very good approach to this.”

However, Purura thinks that the theme is being misled. He believes the government’s goal of increasing labor migration will bring workers mainly to low-wage sectors. It will inevitably have an impact on wages and working conditions in these sectors.

Halla-aho has been a strongly defining party leader in recent years. The public has pondered not only the big boots of the incoming presidency, but also what Halla-aho’s position will be in basic Finns in the future.

Purra formulated on Thursday that the future leader – possibly him – will not be another Halla-aho.

“I’ve seen estimates that he would be left in some kind of shadow. It is quite clear that the next presidency will make its own basic Finnish policy and develop the party from its own starting point, ”Purra said.

As for Halla-aho’s future role in the party, Purra noted that this is, of course, up to him to decide.


■ Riikka Purra is the Vice President of Basic Finns, born in 1977.

■ He is a first-term MP from the Uusimaa constituency. He chairs the parliamentary administrative committee.

■ Purra has worked, among other things, as a political planner in basic Finns and as a dissertation researcher at the University of Turku.

■ Purra holds a Master’s degree in Political Science from the University of Turku.

■ He and his family live in Kirkkonummi, where he also sits on the municipal council.



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