Baseball Manse PP won the men’s Superpesis regular season: The average score is 0.01 points better than Pennant

Manse PP secured the win in the final round against Vimpelin’s Bet. The difference in Veto was subtle.

From Tampere Manse PP won the men’s Superpesis regular season 2021.

For Manselle, one period win in the final game against Vimpelin’s Bet was enough to secure the regular season victory. Manse won second in runs 6-1 and at the same time leveled the game to 1-1.

The second period was 0-0, with Mansen in the starting turn of the fourth pair Juha Puhtimäki punched through at the start and ran the runner-up on three strokes. The score changed to 4-0.

“I looked at the place before the game, but it was a bit unnecessarily late. It could have been hit earlier,” Puhtimäki said. The screen in the broadcast of his stroke.

Before the final game, Manse was at the top of the regular season and Veto, who was second, still had a chance to overtake the people of Tampere.

In the end, Mansen’s Score Average, which determined the regular season positions, was 2.26. The average for the bet was 2.25. Manen’s victory was thus strictly possible.

The match was finally won by Veto 2–1 (2–1, 1–6, 0–0, 1–0).

After Mansen won the second period, the game went into a super shift that ended 0-0. The draw was won by the Veto regular season batting king Janne Mäkelän beaten Mikko Vihriälä home nest.

The result of the match will no longer change the victory of the Mansen regular season.



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