Baseball Hyvinkää Tahko’s Huusko shocked the people of Joensuu with two honoraries

Tahko caused the first loss of the season for Joensuu Mail.

Joensuu Club suffered a season-opening loss to Superpesis after losing in their third match of the season to Tahko in Hyvinkää in the super shift pair with numbers 1–2 (4–2, 8–11, 0–1).

“The victory tastes like Mehtimäki. The second period was wholesale good performances that gave a sense of control. The super shift managed to put pressure on the hosts’ outdoor court, ”stressed Tahko’s game manager Miika Rantatorikka.

The hosts won the opening period with two runs after the men beat Topi Hurskaisen (1 + 1) and Aleksi Rautiainen side effects.

In the second episode, Kirko Tahko was guaranteed by a joker who repatriated with three different strokes Juha Korhonen and in all internal shifts successful repatriation Kalle-Tapio Huusko, with a total balance of 2 + 4 runs. In the super shift pair, the bonus point for the guests was secured by the progressor in charge of the opening lead Ville Vierimaa and a KPL breeder who placed the ball mark with two fires in the second seam with sufficient accuracy Kristian Malikine.

JoMan’s best were an outdoor game specialist who scored 1 + 1 runs Iiro Kuosa (5 top shots / 6 attempts) and Rautiainen (5/6), who knocked four runs.

Huusko (14/17) and a cop who hit two runs stood out in favor Teemu Nikkanen (7/7).



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