Baseball | Baseball legend Hank Aaron, who dies at the age of 86, receives a magnificent tribute from the Atlanta Sports Clubs

Atlanta Falcons and Atlanta United freeze Aaron’s game number 44.

Baseball one of the greatest players of all time Henry Louis Aaron receives a great tribute from the Atlanta Sports Clubs.

A sports legend known as Hank Aaron died on Friday at the age of 86. Atlanta Falcons said already that night to freeze this game number 44.

The Falcons play in the NFL league of American football. Atlanta United, which plays in the MLS league of football, will also freeze Aaron’s game number.

“When you look at the Atlanta and baseball icons, Hank Aaron undoubtedly belongs to this group,” Falcons Chairman and CEO Rich McKay said.

“But more than my sports icon, Aaron was also an icon outside the field, as well as what kind of image he gave of himself and how he treated others.”

McKay added that Aaron was a great ambassador for both baseball and the city of Atlanta.

Hank Aaron has previously received a statue in Atlanta.­

Aaron made his baseball debut in the MLB League at the Milwaukee Braves in 1954 and then represented the Braves who moved to Atlanta until 1974.

For the seasons 1975 and 1976, he played for the Milwaukee Brewers.

Aaron, who broke numerous records in the sport, is particularly remembered for passing in April 1974 Babe Ruthin as the batting king of all time.

Dark-skinned Aaron set a honorary record after breaking furious reactions. In his career, he beat a total of 755 honors, or home runes.

“He was an American hero, a pioneer and arguably Atlanta’s greatest sports icon,” Atlanta United President Darren Eales said.

“His impact on our city, our country and the entire sports world is immeasurable.”

Aaronin game number 44 has previously been frozen by both Milwaukee Brewers (1976) and Atlanta Braves (1977).

The memory of Hank Aaron has been honored both in Atlanta and elsewhere in the United States.­


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