Barty: I am not a “Australian Open” winner!

As she prepares to return to tennis, world number one Australian star Ashley Barty has ruled out winning the Australian Open Grand Prix this year, becoming the first Australian to win the title in 43 years.
For the first time, Barty reached the semifinals of the Melbourne Park tournament last year, before she stopped playing and stayed in her country, for most of the remainder of the season, due to the outbreak of the emerging rapidly spreading Coronavirus.
Barty, 24, remains a great chance to win the title, but she called on her citizens not to place much hope on that.
The Australian Open begins on February 8th and will last for 14 days.
“They can expect anything they want, if they expect to win the tournament, then these are their own expectations, but I do not expect this at the moment, because this requires doing everything perfectly right from the start from the first match,” Barty said, according to the Australian Associated Press. The matter succeeded thus, there is nothing wrong, and if it did not succeed, there is nothing wrong also ».
Fearing the risks of infection, she decided to stay at home, and not travel to New York, to participate in the US Open, and also decided not to defend her title in the French Open after that.
The player said about that: «It is clear that I have not participated in any tennis tournament for a year now, and so the next task is a challenge, but we hope that the season will be long, and then we are not affected if the start is not fully, and I feel ready to go and eager To start.
Party, who will not be quarantined, will compete in the Adelaide Show before heading to Melbourne.

Source: Reuters


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