Banks Nordea has an extensive service outage on Sunday, big shadows on card payments

During the outage, online and mobile banking will be disabled, and Nordea’s payment cards will not be able to pay in online shopping. The interruption also affects electronic identification with bank IDs.

Nordean banking services have an extensive, all-day service outage on Sunday. The outage affects, among other things, card payments, the use of online and mobile banks and the withdrawal of cash, the bank says in its bulletin.

During the service interruption, Nordea cards cannot be used to withdraw cash, and bank IDs cannot be used for electronic identification.

Online and mobile banking will be disabled during the outage.

Card payment is limited in shops, for example, but may be slow and may not be successful.

In online shopping, you cannot pay with a Nordea card on Sunday. The interruption will also affect payments in applications and services to which a Nordea payment card has been added as a means of payment, the bank lists in its bulletin.

In addition, Nordea’s customer service will be affected by the outage, and on Sunday, banking services that require identification cannot be handled through customer service. However, the card lockout service works normally.

The break starts at one in the morning on Sunday and ends at about 9pm on Sunday night for the cards. For other services, the outage is expected to end at about midnight on the night between Sunday and Monday.

I break the reason is modification and maintenance work on Nordea’s information systems.

Nordea urges its customers to prepare for the outage by withdrawing cash and handling banking and authentication transactions in advance.

The bank also reminds its customers to take into account that cash may not be available for payment everywhere due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The services will be returned to customers as the work progresses. The aim is to keep the break as short as possible.

“During the outage, we provide up-to-date information on the progress of the outage on our website, on our transaction channels and on social media,” Nordea’s Senior Vice President, Retail Banking Jani Eloranta says in a press release.


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