Banks Nordea and OP passed the European Banking Authority’s stress test

On Friday, EBA released the results of a stress test on 50 European banks.

Nordea and OP have passed the European Banking Authority (EBA) stress test.

According to Nordea, the results confirm that the bank has a stable capital structure. OP, on the other hand, says that the bank’s solvency is still strong according to the test.

The EBA test measures the crisis resilience of banks across the EU from 2021 to 2023. On Friday, EBA released the results of a stress test of 50 European banks, which account for about 70% of EU banking.

In the test, the unfavorable scenario was based on a view of the effects of a prolonged coronavirus pandemic on the economy and asset values.

According to OP, the bank’s stress tolerance exceeds the solvency requirements even in the most unfavorable alternative. Nordea says that the bank’s stress tolerance still clearly exceeds capital requirements, including a buffer based on management discretion.



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