Ballets The centenary of the National Ballet culminates: HS will show the sold-out gala live today from 6.40 pm

The activities of the Finnish Opera Ballet Group began a hundred years ago. The gala in honor of this year will focus on the history of the National Ballet, but there is also an unprecedented program for the coming season.

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National Ballet The centenary celebration culminates on Saturday with a gala featuring the National Ballet’s own dancers.

HS will show the sold-out show live on Saturday 28.5. from 6:40 p.m.

In addition to the National Ballet’s own dancers, the performance will feature star guests from around the world: Maria Baranova arrives from the Bavarian State Opera Ballet as a partner, the first dancer of the Royal Ballet in London Vadim Muntagirov. Also working as a solo dancer at the Hamburg Ballet on loan from the National Ballet Atte Kilpinen visits his homegroup.

The choir of the National Opera and the entire student body of the National Opera and Ballet School from the youngest third-graders of primary school to recent graduates of vocational education will also take part in the gala. The orchestra of the Finnish National Opera is conducted by Benjamin Pope.

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Finnish The opera’s ballet group began its work at the Alexander Theater in Helsinki a hundred years ago, on January 17, 1922. The first performance was the Swan Pond, David McAllisterin The stages of the version implemented by HS were followed in January this year.

In the gala program the focus is on the history of the National Ballet, but there is also an unprecedented program for the coming period.

The gala is hosted by the Artistic Director of the National Ballet from 1992 to 2001 Jorma Uotinen and the current leader who will leave the group at the end of the spring term Madeleine Onne.

Before the performance and in between will be seen Sami Sykön guests are former and current dancers of the National Ballet.

HS will show the gala gala live on Saturday 28 May. from 6:40 p.m.

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