AVM FRITZ! Repeater 600: High-performance Wi-Fi with minimal investment

If the signal from your Wi-Fi network does not reach all the corners of your home, or if you notice that the performance is not good at all in the areas furthest from your quiet router, It is a very common problem, and solving it is not complex.

Before we talk about solutions, we will explain why this problem occurs. A Wi-Fi network works through two-way radio wavess. On the one hand we have those that leave the router towards the connected devices, and on the other hand there are the radio waves that leave those devices and return to the router.

In that tour, the waves They must cover a specific distance, and they have to overcome certain obstacles. As with any radio wave, its range is limited, and both the quality and intensity of the signal deteriorate depending on the distance it travels. But this is not all, the obstacles (walls, doors, etc.), and the electrical appliances that they find in their way, can also have a negative impact on these radio waves.

The conclusion that this leaves us is very simple, if your Wi-Fi does not reach a certain area of ​​your house that is far from the router, or if it does but the speed is very low and the stability of the signal is minimal, most likely it is a simple signal range problem. Keep in mind that it can be made worse by obstacles, as we have said before.

AVM FRITZ! Repeater 600: Find Out How It Can Help You Extend Your Wi-Fi

To solve a Wi-Fi signal range problem we have several options. We can change the place of the router and bring it closer to the area we want to reach, although this may be damaging other dependencies of our home. We can also open doors and reduce obstacles, although this is not always possible.

If the problem is especially serious, the simplest, and cheapest, will be to use a Wi-Fi repeater. The AVM FRITZ! Repeater 600 is a model that stands out especially for its excellent integration, its good price-performance ratio, its reliability and its good software ecosystem. With this model we will enjoy a speed of up to 600 Mbps, and we will not have to go into complicated settings to start enjoying it.

The AVM FRITZ! Repeater 600 is a very compact Wi-Fi repeater, allowing it to fit into any corner, and is compatible with the WPS interface, which means that we can link it to our router effortlessly. Once the pairing process is finished, it will repeat our Wi-Fi connection keeping all the settings of our main network, including the SSID and password.

AVM FRITZ! Repeater 600 Specifications and Price

  • Compatible with the 2.4 GHz band.
  • Maximum speed of 600 Mbps (WiFi 4 × 4 N).
  • Very easy to link and use, thanks to the WPS standard.
  • It directly adopts the configuration of our FRITZ! Box, and automatically applies any changes we make.
  • Keeps the wireless network name and password.
  • Measurements and weight: 64 mm x 64 mm x 68 mm and 88 grams.
  • It consumes 5 watts peak peak and 2.5 watts average.
  • It is compatible with the free FRITZ! App WLAN.
  • It integrates with the FRITZ! OS 7.20 operating system, and receives regular updates.
  • It has a five-year warranty.

The AVM FRITZ! Repeater 600 is available in Spain with a price of 39.99 euros.

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