Aviation | 17-year-old Mack Rutherford broke the record: he became the youngest person to fly solo around the world

The Belgian-British Rutherford landed at his departure airport in Bulgaria at the end of a five-month journey. At the same time, she took the record from her sister.

Belgian-from the British Mack from Rutherford became the world’s youngest circumnavigator on Wednesday when he landed at his home base in Bulgaria.

17-year-old Rutherford flew a total of 54,124 kilometers with his ultralight Shark Aero plane, reports the news agency Reuters. He set off from Radomir airport last March and visited a total of 30 countries in five months.

Rutherford became familiar with views over the Sahara desert as well as over Greenland and Iceland. The most difficult sections included a ten-hour flight from Japan across the North Pacific Ocean to the small island of Attu.

Rutherford broke two records. The previous youth record had been set by a British person Travis Ludlowwho, aged 18, flew around the world last year.

Mack Rutherford also became the youngest person to fly around the world in an ultralight plane. This record was previously held by Rutherford’s sister Zara Rutherfordwho was 19 years old at the time of the flight.

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“There were a lot of situations in my journey where it would have been easier to just give up,” Mack Rutherford said Wednesday, according to Reuters.

“It’s incredible that I’m here again and that I’ve achieved my goal.”

Mack Rutherford and his aircraft at Radomir airfield in Bulgaria on Wednesday.

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