Austria The Austrian minister is resigning due to allegations of plagiarism

A blogger specializing in academic scams revealed that Chancellor Sebastian Kurz’s party’s master’s thesis and dissertation contain a plagiarized text.

Austria Minister for Labor, the Family and Youth Christine Aschbacher resigned as minister on Saturday on allegations of plagiarism, says British newspaper The Guardian.

Federal Chancellor of Austria Sebastian Kurzin Aschbacher, a member of the conservative Austrian People’s Party, said he was resigning “to protect his family”. Aschbacher also said he was the victim of hostile comments and “political agitation”.

The quality of Aschbacher’s theses was revealed by the docent Stefan Weber, which examines on his blog academic scams.

Aschbacher graduated from the Wiener Neustadt University of Applied Sciences in 2006 with high honors. Weber criticizes the minister’s thesis in harsh terms. According to him, Aschbacher’s dissertation approved the same year is a “scientific catastrophe” that is teeming with “plagiarism and false quotations”. He also blames Aschbacher for his poor knowledge of the German language.

Weber also gives the same judgment to Aschbacher’s dissertation published and approved last year. Aschbacher received his doctorate from the Bratislava University of Technology in neighboring Slovakia.

According to Weber, that dissertation contains “unprecedented amounts of German pigs, nonsense, and plagiarism”. According to Weber, as many as one-fifth of the text had been taken from other sources without citations. In particular, the text had been copied from an article in Forbes magazine.

According to Weber’s writings, Aschbacher’s Austrian master’s degree is likely to be annulled. He has also called for the annulment of this doctoral degree in Slovakia.

Aschbacher has denied Weber’s accusations.

Chancellor Kurz announced on Twitter that he respected Aschbacher’s decision. The scandal has already burdened a government that has already been criticized for treating the coronavirus.


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