Australia | The police chief suggested that consent to sex could be given through a mobile app: “My worst idea of ​​the year,” he said after a storm of criticism

The opinion of the Australian Police Chief was poorly received.

For sex consent could begin to be monitored through a mobile app, suggested the Australian police chief Mick Fuller. The opinion of the new Chief of Police of the State of South Wales on the subject was published on Thursday 18 March in Sydney. The Daily Telegraph -in leaf.

Fuller’s idea was that existing dating applications could be associated with a feature through which a person would be able to express their consent to sex – before an appointment. Alternatively, it would be possible to develop a separate consent application.

According to the police chief, the application could reduce the burden that sexual offense charges impose on the justice system. He also compared the consent application to applications that help cafes, for example, monitor their customers ’corona infections.

“Would it be possible that consent could also be secured and documented?” Fuller asked.

Chief of Police the idea was poorly received in Australia, The Guardian news.

Critics of the consent application recalled that a person has the right to refuse sex at any stage, even when the situation has initially progressed by consensus.

“The fact that he initially expresses his consent does not mean that he has to agree to everything that the companion proposes,” the Labor Minister for Education and Women’s Shadow Tanya Plibersek said.

Some pointed out that a person who is able to force another into sex may also be forced to record their consent to the application.

Thursday Fuller had to explain his outcry to several media outlets. In the end, the police chief himself was not convinced of the usefulness of his idea. In an interview with ABC Radio, Fuller admitted that the app could be “my worst idea of ​​the year”.

At the same time, however, he defended his proposal, which he said was intended to serve as a wider opening for a debate on consent.

“We need to discuss consent. It is important that our children and our courts have a better understanding of what consent is all about. ”

For sex consent and proof of consent has been the subject of debate in other countries in recent years. Sweden, for example renewed its rape law in 2018. At that time, the essential characteristic of rape became the lack of volunteering and not violence or its threat as before.

With the reform of the law, the number of Swedish rape convictions almost doubled.

Finland also plans to change the definition of rape to consent-based. The Consent 2018 Citizens’ Initiative collected the required signatures and was submitted to Parliament in 2019. Last summer, the Ministry of Justice the working group suggested reform of all legislation on sexual offenses.

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