Australia | In Australia, a man who had cut off another man’s leg is charged with murder

According to police, the men already knew each other.

36 years old the man is charged with murder in a case in which he had apparently sawed another man’s leg off in Queensland, Australia. The case was reported by a British newspaper The Guardian and the British Broadcasting Corporation BBC.

Police believe the incident involved some sort of “arrangement” between the victim and the suspect, in which the suspect amputated the leg of a 66-year-old man, the forensic investigator said. Gary Hunter to journalists, according to The Guardian.

According to police, the men already knew each other. The saw used in the work was a circular saw owned by the victim, according to the BBC.

Suspect the act took place in a park where, according to police, the men had driven together shortly before 4 a.m. Saturday morning. In the park, they had sat together under a tree.

The suspect is believed to have cut about 20 minutes later below the knee of an older man using a cordless saw.

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The suspect is then believed to have helped the victim back into the car and left the scene himself on foot.

Passers-by found the man about half an hour later, but he had time to die before first aid arrived.

CaseTA is due to be heard in court on Monday.

According to Hunter, the details of the alleged “arrangement” cannot be revealed yet.

“Never before in my 34-year police career has I faced a situation similar to the one we got before us today,” Hunter said, according to The Guardian.

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