Australia | Dingo attacked an infant in Australia, the boy was flown to the hospital

Dingo attacks are not uncommon in Australia and especially on the popular holiday island of Fraser Island.

Dingo wrecked a two-year-old boy in hospital on the well-known island of Fraser Island in Australia, several news media reported.

Authorities according to the boy had gone out to play. According to news media, the boy’s family slept. According to the authorities, the neighbors of the family’s Holiday House had heard voices and found the Dango’s son in the exterior. Neighbors got Dingo embarrassed away.

Brisbane Timesin according to the boy had several, deep bite sores in the neck, arm, and leg, but the injuries were not life-threatening. He was flown to the hospital on Saturday between about seven and eight in the local time.

Dingo that is, the Australian Wild Dog is an endangered canine living in Australia and Southeast Asia. On Fraser Island, it is common but protected, and dogs are not allowed on the island to prevent dingo from breeding with them.

Dingo is a predator moving in a herd of several dozen individuals, and Saturday’s event is by no means the first time on Fraser Island that a dingo attacks a child. For example, in January 2017, a dingo dragged a baby out of a caravan while the baby’s parents were sleeping. However, the parents woke up their children to cry and got Dingo scared away, informed authorities.

Perhaps the most famous dingo-related accident occurred in 1980, though not on Fraser Island. Nine weeks old Azaria Chamberlain disappeared in August 1980 on a camping trip in Uluru, Central Australia.

No baby has been found to date. The parents claimed that the dingo had grabbed the child, but the court did not believe them in the 1980s. The mother was convicted of murder and the father was convicted of aiding and abetting the crime.

However, eight years after the disappearance of Azaria Chamberlain, a piece of Azaria’s clothing was found near the cavity of Dingo, and the case was reopened. Eventually, 32 years after the baby disappeared, the court finally ruled that the parents had not killed their baby, but that the dingo had taken Azaria Chamberlain.

The case received a lot of media attention, and it has been made Meryl Streepin starred in the film, as well as a TV series, an opera and numerous books.

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