Australia | Australia pays compensation as indigenous members of indigenous peoples as children

Australia has separated more than 100,000 indigenous children from their families in the last century. Now the country plans to spend a billion Australian dollars to improve the lives of indigenous peoples.

Australia announced on Thursday that it is offering compensation payments of just under € 46,500 to some of its indigenous members who were forcibly separated from their families by the state when they were children.

The one-time fee is intended to compensate for the suffering that people have been separated from their own family and community. In addition, the state provides a grant of just under 6,000 euros to support the mental recovery of those separated from their families from their traumas.

The issue was reported by an Australian newspaper, among others The Sydney Morning Herald and the news agency Reuters.

Compensation payments are part of Australia’s plan to spend a billion Australian dollars to improve the lives of indigenous peoples. Alive members of indigenous peoples who were under the age of 18 when they were separated from their families are entitled to benefits.

The money applies to those living in the Australian Capital Territory and the Northern Territory. Most states already have their own compensation programs.

Australia separated a total of more than 100,000 indigenous children from their families between the early 20th century and the 1970s.

In 2008, the country’s then prime minister Kevin Rudd formally apologized to the country’s “stolen generation”. According to Reuters, Rudd called the separation of children from his families “a great stain on the soul of our nation”.

A recent solution to provide financial compensation to people separated from their families is the long-awaited next step, the current Prime Minister of Australia Scott Morrison said at a parliamentary hearing on Thursday.

“We are officially saying that we are not only deeply sorry for what has happened, but we are also taking responsibility for it,” Morrison said.

Australian in addition, many other countries have been guilty of separating indigenous children from their families. It has often been intended to integrate children into white culture.

The unmarked graves of hundreds of children found on the outskirts of former school homes in Canada in recent months have recalled the injustices of history.



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