Australia | A man died in a shark bite on a tourist-favored beach on Australia’s northwest coast

Eight people have died in shark attacks in Australian waters this year, which is more than normal.

Man has killed a shark to bite off Australia’s northwest coast at the tourist-favored beach of Cable Beach, local officials said on Sunday. The man was According to The Australian 55 years old.

He was given first aid after being lifted out of the water, but later died of his injuries.

The accident is the eighth deadly shark attack in Australian waters in a year. During the same period, there have been 22 cases of raids, according to the Taronga Environmental Protection Agency, the news agency AFP says.

Police, according to The Australian, shot a 3-4 meter long shark that had remained in the area for about half an hour after the attack. The accident happened about 40 meters from the beach.

Shark attacks are rare on Cable Beach, a 22-mile stretch of light sand next to the village of Broome. According to The Australian, there have been no known deadly shark attacks in Brome since 1993.

However, the authorities have to close the beach once or twice a year when observations of estuarine crocodiles are made in the area.

Haiden most of the attacks are not fatal. According to statistics from the Florida Museum of Natural History Of the 794 shark attacks in 2010–2019, 60, or less than a tenth, resulted in death. According to similar statistics, for example, last year, two people in the world died from a shark attack.

In Australia, however, there have been an exceptional number of deaths this year. According to the British broadcaster BBC so many deaths related to shark attacks have not occurred in the country since 1929, when nine cases were reported.


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