Auctions Napoléon’s self-dictated manuscript of the victorious Battle of Austerlitz will soon be auctioned in Paris

The price of the battle report found in the private collection has been stated to be one million euros.

French emperor Napoleon (1769–1821) The story of the victorious Battle of Austerlitz will soon be auctioned in Paris, according to the news agency AFP. Napoléon dictated a 74-page manuscript while on the island of Saint Helena in exile. The story was recorded by the general Henri-Gatien Bertrand, but Napoléon himself has made some small corrections to the margin of the text.

The Battle of Austerlitz, also known as the Battle of the Three Emperors, was fought on December 2, 1805, and is considered the most important and greatest of Napoleon’s victories. In the battle, the French army led by Napoléon defeated the larger-strength Russian-Austrian army in about nine hours.

In the French capital, Paris, according to Austerlitz, a major street in the city center, a bridge as well as a train and metro station, have been named.

For auction the upcoming story repeats the stages of preparation for battle and goes through the moments of the actual battle. It also includes a battle plan drawn by General Bertrand.

The script has been priced at € 1 million and will be on display at the Arts & Autographes Gallery in Paris at the end of January. The script was found by the gallery owner Jean-Emmanuel Raux From a private collection belonging to Bertrand’s heirs.

War report is said to be a “slightly colored story” of the fight. Napoléon, for example, glorifies every Frenchman who took part in the battle as a great hero and claims that even wounded soldiers greeted the emperor.

Napoléon himself does not speak in the narrative at all in the first person, but uses the form “the emperor says”.

It will be two hundred years since Napoléon died in May this year.


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