Auctions Eliel Saarinen’s furniture treasures were forgotten at Vallila Konepaja – On Saturday, the doors of the main railway station will be auctioned off

“This is the highlights of our life. A unique opportunity, ”says broker Mika Sirén.

Vallilan An auction will be held at the workshop on Saturday, offering a real dose of Helsinki’s cultural history.

The most special products on the sales list are the architect Eliel Saarisen designed the doors of Helsinki Central Station. Those doors are original according to Auction Helander, so they are over a hundred years old.

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Broker Mika Sirén tells HS that the items to be auctioned were found at Konepaja ‘s premises in connection with the change of ownership. VR previously used the building as a warehouse, among other things.

“VR started pushing benches, tables, chairs, doors, window sills and more,” Sirén lists.

Since then, development of the machine shop has begun cultural and event concentration.

“It was very close that these would have gone to the trash. I am happy if and when these objects get an extension of life – and do not end up in any Ämmässuo, ”says Sirén.

A bench designed by Eliel Saarinen for Helsinki Central Station.

Oak doors in addition, the benches on the station’s premises will be for sale, which, according to Sirén, are also original and designed by Saarinen. Slightly newer seating is represented by a designer Antti Nurmesniemen chairs that came to the station during the reforms of the 1970s.

“There are sofas and benches that probably have hundreds of thousands of people sitting,” Sirén estimates.

Also on sale are concrete memories of old trains: among other things, three Lättähattu train doors.

The artefacts are exceptional for Sirén, who has been auctioning since the mid-1990s.

“This is the highlights of our life. Unique opportunity.”

In addition to furniture, VR’s orchestra hats are also on sale.

Machine shop the auction starts on Saturday at 11 a.m. It is held online mainly due to interest rate restrictions.

“Before, I had 200-300 people in the hall. There was a good feeling and a little lip was thrown in, ”Sirén says.

Today, according to Sirén, there are 2 to 10 people in the hall and around 600 people can take part in the auction via the Internet.

“This is a little more boring these days.”



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