Atlético Bucaramanga explains why the ‘Bolillo’ Gómez did not stay


Bolillo Gomez

Bolillo Gomez

bolillo gomez

Surprisingly, the DT from Antioquia left office 15 days after being presented.

Atlético Bucaramanga, the team that has hired the most coaches in the last six years (18), is now experiencing an unexpected situation: that the coach they had brought to their ranks has not even directed a game.

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Hernán Darío ‘Bolillo’ Gómez had been announced as the new coach of the professional squad on November 16. However, this Monday it was revealed that the man from Antioquia decided to leave. Shortly before, Bucaramanga had announced the departure of several players, including its goalscorer, Dayro Moreno, and its starting goalkeeper, Juan Camilo Chaverra.

The explanation of Atlético Bucaramanga

This Tuesday, the club published a statement in which it explains the reasons for the departure of ‘Bolillo’ and ended up blaming the bars for what happened.

“The decision made by the Antioquia coach and his coaching staff are a consequence of the discomfort caused by a sector of the bar in recent days,” says the document.

“The nonconformist comments expressed by some fans and the insults against the new coaching staff were decisive in abandoning the sports project,” he adds.

Finally, the leopard club reported that “the board of directors regrets Professor Hernán’s decision and will start working on the selection of a new technical director to lead the sports project for the 2023 season.”

It is not yet known who will be the new coach of Bucaramanga. At the moment, there is speculation about the arrival of the Argentine Raúl Agustín Armando.

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